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At Cassidy Guitars we like to listen and let our Customers to do most of the talking…

“These guitars offer amazing quality and value for money. The specifications, components, build quality, setup and finish really do make you feel like you haven’t paid enough. I can’t help but think there must be a catch – but there isn’t!” (Ethan Knox ~ AX355TK, BV351 and UKCB LP1)

“I can honestly say that the UKCB Tygerman LP2 is the best Guitar I have ever owned and if I should ever (probably when rather than if) consider another purchase I would ask Simon to design and manufacture to the spec I required rather than an off the shelf option from any other supplier. Whilst playing with other guitarists with this instrument I have nothing but positive comments (about the guitar not me) and I would not hesitate to recommend Cassidy Guitars to anyone”. (John Ridgeway ~ UKCB LP2)

“I was delighted when Mr Cassidy produced this P Bass for one secret reason…I know the man himself – he is badly flawed – to our advantage! Mr Cassidy is a perfectionist – he would rather throw a guitar in the trash, if it had a scratch, than give it to a customer. This guitar is pure class, stunning sunburst, maple neck, satin finish. This bass rocks!” (Mick Downworth ~ BVB351 and BVB361)

“First Impressions blew me away, I could not believe the quality and finish of what I saw before me. These guitars are absolutely stunning, on close examination the detail and work that has been put into the make up of these is first class. Fine detailing around the body neck and headstock of abalone certainly sets these guitars apart from the rest”. (Neil Dawes ~ CE701)

“Finally, I had a few questions post sale. I cannot speak highly enough of how these questions were fielded by Simon Cassidy. He exudes integrity and offered the best aftersales service I have ever experienced…I won’t need another high spec acoustic guitar but I know who I would recommend to anybody who does”. (Tony Barber ~ CA751 and BV511)

“I can’t recommend this guitar highly enough – everything is right – build quality, components, set-up. My mum always used to say you get what you pay for but I reckon I’ve got a custom shop kind of guitar for a standard kind of price!” (Jonty Adams ~ UKCB T2)

“My overall view on the whole of this guitar is that it is fantastic. Also being the owner of several F#####s and a J#####n guitar, it lives up to the quality of these famous brands. It has a great design and unique features unlike others of a similar price but poorer quality. Finally it has great sounds and is overall a great design!” (Ryan Jackson ~ AX701TK)

“I would definitely recommend a guitar from Cassidy Music Company to anyone and everyone looking into purchasing a good quality, unique and affordable guitar. Great guitars and great service”. (Kathryn Stainsby ~ BV501)

“I love this guitar! A really well made instrument with beautiful details which should add up to a much, much more expensive guitar. Incredibly good value at this price and it sounds great too… You simply cannot find a guitar of this quality within this price range and you will not regret this purchase!!” (Jaime Westwood ~ CA401C)

“My advice to anyone looking for a new guitar take a long hard look at Cassidy Guitars, a lesser known brand but with quality and value for money that will surpass any guitar from a big brand name of a similar price. Don’t be afraid to try something that is not a big brand name – do yourself a favour and get your hands on a Cassidy guitar before thinking about looking elsewhere”. (Colin Chidzey ~ BV511)

So, are you ready for us to exceed your expectations? We are…

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