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We’re very pleased to announce our Partnership with USA based JJB Electronics and that their Prestige 330 Pickup with the Volume Control upgrade will be fitted as Standard to our new range of Acoustic Guitars.



Like ourselves, JJB is a small Family Company with an emphasis on High Quality and Value for Money which is a perfect match for us.
Nothing pains me more than cutting holes in our beautifully crafted guitars to fit an EQ system at a Customer’s request, so the unobtrusive and high quality JJB systems are our chosen solution for the future.


These systems will be fitted to all of our Acoustics and will be there when needed whilst remaining unobtrusive.



I have new Endorsed Artist Gary Grainger to thank for pointing me in the direction of Jessie Vallad and JJB. Gary chose one of our Coniscliffe Solid Topped Acoustics and we discussed at length pickup options. Gary, like me, was reluctant to see a hole cut into the side of the guitar, which is when JJB came up as an option as Gary has used them for a while in his other Acoustics.


The JJB Prestige 330 is a Passive system operating from three Piezo Transducers placed on the Guitar’s Soundboard. We have gone for the option of a simple Soundhole Volume Control to give some on-board control (Photo for illustration only from JJB – not one of our Guitars).



The system will work plugged directly into a PA System with the on-board Volume Control offering a degree of User Control. Users may prefer to use an external Preamp for additional options although this is not essential.


Gary’s new guitar is currently in the Workshop for some relatively minor surgery and you’ll be seeing his Demo Video of the Guitar equipped with a Prestige 330 Pickup system soon….



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  1. Michael Dodd

    Hi. Im using JJB pickups in both my Baby Martin andGibson J45. Far better than the Baggs Element ive had to replace twice in 5 years!


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