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The Cassidy Guitar Studio Guitar Exam Results (Update Winter 2022)


Cassidy Guitars grew out of the Cassidy Guitar Studio with our first Guitars appearing in 2013.


I am pleased to say that my Teaching has continued alongside Guitar Development, Design, Production and Sales since then and my Students continue to be a source of inspiration and a reliable sounding board for my latest guitar design ideas.   Covid has been a big challenge for us all on many fronts over the last 18 months or so, but we all learned to use ZOOM as an alternative to face to face lessons which is now always available as a useful option. Hopefully we will see a return to somewhere near normality in the not too distant future.   So a big thank you to all of my Students over the years some of whom have moved on to interesting careers in many far flung places. And for those of you who braved a meeting with “The Examiner” I hope you enjoy seeing your name on my Exam “Roll of Honour!”


Registry of Guitar Tutors / London College of Music exams awarded by  
The University of West London to Students of Simon Cassidy 
Winter 2008Phillip ClarkeElectric Guitar Preliminary GradeDISTINCTION
Summer 2009Olivia SugdenElectric Guitar Preliminary GradeDISTINCTION
Summer 2009Sam DembowiczElectric Guitar Preliminary GradeDISTINCTION
Winter 2009Ben Lee-WarnerElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Winter 2009Ethan KnoxElectric Guitar Preliminary GradeDISTINCTION
Spring 2010Chris TilleyElectric Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Spring 2010Patrick GrahamElectric Guitar Preliminary GradeDISTINCTION
Spring 2010Ryan JacksonElectric Guitar Preliminary GradeMERIT
Spring 2010Sam LuptonElectric Guitar Preliminary GradeMERIT
Summer 2010David HardwickElectric Guitar Grade 2DISTINCTION
Summer 2010Jamie MoreElectric Guitar Preliminary GradeMERIT
Winter 2010David ForsdikeElectric Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Winter 2010Zachary NewnhamElectric Bass Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Winter 2010Sidney HillAcoustic Guitar Grade 2DISTINCTION
Winter 2010Olivia SugdenElectric Guitar Grade 1MERIT
Winter 2010Nathan McLaughlinElectric Guitar Grade 1MERIT
Spring 2011Chris MartinElectric Guitar Grade 5MERIT
Spring 2011Jonathan AdamsElectric Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Spring 2011Sam DembowiczElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Spring 2011Ethan KnoxElectric Guitar Grade 2DISTINCTION
Spring 2011Patrick GrahamElectric Guitar Grade 2DISTINCTION
Spring 2011Ryan JacksonElectric Guitar Grade 2MERIT
Spring 2011Jack WalmsleyElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Spring 2011Charlotte DraperElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Spring 2011Sam LuptonElectric Guitar Grade 1MERIT
Summer 2011Peter LockeElectric Guitar Grade 5DISTINCTION
Summer 2011Sid HillAcoustic Guitar Grade 4MERIT
Summer 2011Sam LuptonElectric Guitar Grade 2PASS
Summer 2011Jack CookElectric Guitar Grade 1MERIT
Summer 2011Harry DownworthAcoustic Guitar Initial GradeDISTINCTION
Winter 2011Steven ShawElectric Guitar Grade 8MERIT
Winter 2011Steven GreenElectric Guitar Grade 4MERIT
Winter 2011Connor LyonElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Winter 2011Charlotte DraperElectric Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Winter 2011Ethan KnoxElectric Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Winter 2011Jaya GreenElectric Guitar Grade 2DISTINCTION
Winter 2011Alex CarterElectric Guitar Grade 2DISTINCTION
Winter 2011Owen DixonElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Summer 2012Zachary Shaun NewnhamElectric Bass Guitar Grade 7DISTINCTION
Summer 2012Samuel DembowiczElectric Guitar Grade 6MERIT
Summer 2012Sidney HillAcoustic Guitar Grade 5PASS
Summer 2012Dave EllisonElectric Guitar Grade 4MERIT
Summer 2012Jamie DaviesElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Summer 2012Neil DawesElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Summer 2012Ryan James JacksonElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Summer 2012Patrick William GrahamElectric Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Summer 2012Harry DownworthAcoustic Guitar Grade 2DISTINCTION
Summer 2012Michael Robert EasthamElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Winter 2012John WaldockElectric Bass Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Winter 2012Luke WaltonElectric Bass Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Winter 2012Chris HolmesElectric Guitar Grade 4MERIT
Winter 2012Robyn HoareElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Winter 2012Ryan GilliganElectric Guitar Grade 2DISTINCTION
Winter 2012Jessica McMillanElectric Guitar Grade 2MERIT
Winter 2012Sam McLeanElectric Bass Guitar Grade 2MERIT
Winter 2012Zack HammondElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Spring 2013Caroline Jane AthertonElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Spring 2013Gabriel McGregor-TaylorElectric Guitar Grade 1MERIT
Spring 2013Dhilan SinghElectric Guitar Grade 1MERIT
Spring 2013Sophie Rose SlaterElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Spring 2013Laila RileyElectric Guitar Grade 2DISTINCTION
Spring 2013Emily WrightElectric Guitar Grade 2DISTINCTION
Spring 2013Harry DownworthAcoustic Guitar Grade 3PASS
Spring 2013Jaya Emma GreenElectric Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Spring 2013Alex CarterElectric Guitar Grade 4MERIT
Spring 2013David ForsdikeElectric Guitar Grade 6MERIT
Spring 2013Zachary Shaun NewnhamElectric Bass Guitar Grade 8MERIT
Summer 2013Morgan Summers-SmithElectric Preliminary GradeDISTINCTION
Summer 2013Sophia HallElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Summer 2013Jessica CheesemanAcoustic Guitar Grade 2MERIT
Summer 2013Hannah FulfordAcoustic Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Summer 2013Max GoodallElectric Guitar Grade 5DISTINCTION
Winter 2013Nathan BakerElectric Preliminary GradeMERIT
Winter 2013Ryan GilliganElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Winter 2013Kathryn Tracy StainsbyElectric Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Winter 2013Paul WilliamsElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Winter 2013Michael Robert EasthamElectric Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Winter 2013Ryan James JacksonElectric Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Winter 2013Tony GardinerElectric Bass Guitar Grade 6DISTINCTION
Winter 2013Max Daniel GoodallElectric Guitar Grade 6MERIT
Spring 2014Ethan SharpElectric Preliminary GradeDISTINCTION
Spring 2014Kieran SharpElectric Guitar Grade 2MERIT
Spring 2014Patrick GrahamElectric Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Summer 2014Josie EldridgeElectric Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Summer 2014Dhilan SinghElectric Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Summer 2014Morgan Jessica Summers-SmithElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Summer 2014Samuel McLeanBass Guitar Grade 4PASS
Summer 2014Ethan KnoxElectric Guitar Grade 4MERIT
Summer 2014Laila RileyElectric Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Summer 2014Emily WrightElectric Guitar Grade 4MERIT
Summer 2014Deborah McVayElectric Guitar Grade 5DISTINCTION
Summer 2014Max Daniel GoodallElectric Guitar Grade 8DISTINCTION
Winter 2014Ethan SharpElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Winter 2014Richard O’DonnellElectric Guitar Grade 1PASS
Winter 2014Chris WellsElectric Guitar Grade 2MERIT
Winter 2014Kieran SharpElectric Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Winter 2014Kieron O’DonnellElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Winter 2014Tony GardinerBass Guitar Grade 8DISTINCTION
Spring 2015Tia HoareElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Spring 2015Regan GodfreyBass Guitar Grade 2MERIT
Spring 2015Michael DownworthBass Guitar Grade 2MERIT
Spring 2015Harry DownworthElectric Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Spring 2015Michael EasthamBass Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Spring 2015Ethan KnoxElectric Guitar Grade 5MERIT
Summer 2015James LittletonElectric Preliminary GradeDISTINCTION
Summer 2015Oliver HodgesElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Summer 2015Patrick William GrahamElectric Guitar Grade 5MERIT
Summer 2015Ryan James JacksonElectric Guitar Grade 5DISTINCTION
Winter 2015Isabel McLeanElectric Guitar Grade 1MERIT
Winter 2015Ethan StewartElectric Guitar Grade 2DISTINCTION
Winter 2015Nathan BakerElectric Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Winter 2015Kieron O’DonnellElectric Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Winter 2015Dylan WilsonElectric Guitar Grade 4MERIT
Winter 2015Willian Lewis RyanRock Guitar Grade 5DISTINCTION
Winter 2015Samuel McLeanBass Guitar Grade 6MERIT
Spring 2016Ethan SharpElectric Guitar Grade 2MERIT
Spring 2016Daniel SandersonBass Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Spring 2016Kieran SharpElectric Guitar Grade 4PASS
Spring 2016Morgan Summers-SmithElectric Guitar Grade 4MERIT
Spring 2016Luke WaltonBass Guitar Grade 5MERIT
Summer 2016Paige MoreheadElectric Guitar Grade 1MERIT
Summer 2016Lucy SnowdonElectric Guitar Grade 1MERIT
Summer 2016Zachary JohnstoneElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Summer 2016Regan GodfreyBass Guitar Grade 4MERIT
Summer 2016Dylan WilsonElectric Guitar Grade 5MERIT
Summer 2016Laila RileyElectric Guitar Grade 5DISTINCTION
Winter 2016Sam McLeanBass Guitar Grade 7DISTINCTION
Spring 2017Michael DownworthBass Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Spring 2017Andrew VenusBass Guitar Grade 4DISTINCTION
Spring 2017Harry DownworthElectric Guitar Grade 4PASS
Spring 2017Ryan James JacksonElectric Guitar Grade 6DISTINCTION
Spring 2017Laila RileyElectric Guitar Grade 6MERIT
Spring 2017Ethan KnoxElectric Guitar Grade 6MERIT
Spring 2017Patrick William GrahamElectric Guitar Grade 6PASS
Summer 2017Regan GodfreyBass Guitar Grade 5PASS
Summer 2017Daniel SandersonBass Guitar Grade 5MERIT
Summer 2017Nathan BakerElectric Guitar Grade 4MERIT
Summer 2017Dylan WilsonElectric Guitar Grade 6MERIT
Winter 2017Max AtkinsonElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Winter 2017James LittletonElectric Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Winter 2017Lucy SnowdonElectric Guitar Grade 3DISTINCTION
Winter 2017Olive HodgesElectric Guitar Grade 5PASS
Winter 2017Zachary JonstoneElectric Guitar Grade 5DISTINCTION
Winter 2017Kieron O’DonnellElectric Guitar Grade 6DISTINCTION
Winter 2017William Lewis RyanElectric Guitar Grade 6DISTINCTION
Spring 2018Connor DentElectric Guitar Grade 6DISTINCTION
Spring 2018Daniel SandersonBass Guitar Grade 6DISTINCTION
Spring 2018Dylan WilsonElectric Guitar Grade 7PASS
Summer 2018Lucy SnowdonElectric Guitar Grade 4MERIT
Summer 2018James LittletonElectric Guitar Grade 4PASS
Summer 2018Ethan StewartElectric Guitar Grade 4PASS
Summer 2018Laila RileyBass Guitar Grade 5DISTINCTION
Summer 2018Patrick William GrahamElectric Guitar Grade 7MERIT
Summer 2018Connor DentElectric Guitar Grade 8MERIT
Winter 2018Zara DiggleElectric Guitar Grade 2MERIT
Winter 2018Laila RileyBass Guitar Grade 6DISTINCTION
Winter 2018Chris WardElectric Guitar Grade 6DISTINCTION
Spring 2019Finlay Ablett-TateElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Summer 2019Iniya RajkumarElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Summer 2019Dr Manjupriya NatarajanElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Summer 2019Colin ChidzeyElectric Guitar Grade 3MERIT
Summer 2019Oliver HodgesElectric Guitar Grade 6PASS
Summer 2019Patrick William GrahamElectric Guitar Grade 8PASS
Summer 2019Ethan KnoxElectric Guitar Grade 8MERIT
Summer 2019Laila RileyBass Guitar Grade 8MERIT
Summer 2019Laila RileyElectric Guitar Grade 8DISTINCTION
Winter 2019Hadley ChismanElectric Guitar Step GradeDISTINCTION
Winter 2019Grace DixonElectric Guitar Step GradeDISTINCTION
Winter 2019Jonathan DixonElectric Guitar Grade 1DISTINCTION
Winter 2019William Lewis RyanElectric Guitar Grade 8MERIT
Winter 2019Kieron O’DonnellElectric Guitar Grade 8DISTINCTION
Summer 2020Hadley ChismanElectric Guitar Grade 1MERIT
Spring 2021James Isaac StewartElectric Guitar Grade 6DISTINCTION
Summer 2021Iniya RajkumarElectric Guitar Grade 2PASS
Summer 2021Manjupriya NatarajanElectric Guitar Grade 2PASS
Summer 2021Ethan StewartElectric Guitar Grade 5MERIT
Winter 2021Indie AllanElectric Guitar Step GradeDISTINCTION
Winter 2021Hadley ChismanElectric Guitar Grade 2DISTINCTION
Winter 2021Alexander BellElectric Guitar Grade 6DISTINCTION
Spring 2022James Isaac StewartElectric Guitar Grade 8DISTINCTION
Summer 2022Ethan StewartElectric Guitar Grade 6MERIT
Winter 2022Josh WatsonElectric Bass Guitar Preliminary GradeMERIT



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