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Santa Express Update II ~ Featured Students Michael Eastham and Jack Cook

by | December 30, 2011 | 0 comments

Michael had been coming for lessons for about 5 months when a certain unusual looking guitar in my studio caught his eye ~ an Epiphone SG1275 Twin Neck XII + VI. “Wow a Twin Neck – that’s Cool”….. I let him have a play on it and showed him how things worked and didn’t think anything more of it ~ Michael obviously did!!!….and Santa made the necessary arrangements.

When Michael came for his next lesson he noticed the guitar had gone. He was a bit disappointed, but pretty Philosophical about things. I said “If you really liked it tell Santa and maybe you’ll get lucky at Christmas!!”

There it was on Christmas Morning and Michael’s faith in Santa was restored!!!

Michael brought into his next lesson along with his friend Jack Cook who tried out a new EKO VL480 Aged Cherry Sunburst Flamed Les Paul. Jack came for lessons earlier in the year and completed his RGT Electric Guitar Grade 1 with Merit, but has since moved to Milton Keynes with his family in the summer. Fortunately, Jack still calls in for a lesson now and then when he is in Darlington visiting his Grandparents.

It turned out to be rather a noisy lesson with the boys making  “Back in Black” sound pretty good on 2 guitars. I hope my neighbours enjoyed it!!!


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