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Merry Christmas 2018

Well, it’s that time of year when we reflect on our achievements and plan our next move. Here are my thoughts on where Cassidy Guitars have got to…


Since introducing our first range of guitars in 2013 we’ve worked steadily away to establish our new and unknown brand. We have attended many Guitar Shows across the UK, but maintained a direct relationship with our Customers by selling direct to them rather than dealing through shops. This means we can set up all guitars pretty much to individual Customer needs as required and maintain our prices at a very competitive level.


Yes there are the big name brands, but as the years have passed we have witnessed the appearance of many more new small guitar companies in what is fast becoming a saturated market. This offers great choice for the Customer and presents us with a significant challenge of how we differentiate ourselves from the rest.


So why buy a Cassidy guitar? Well it all goes back to where we started from… as an experienced gigging Guitarist, Guitar Technician, Teacher and Examiner I set out to provide a range of high quality Standard Guitars within the financial reach of students and other aspiring guitarists, and a limited range of top specification UK Custom Built models to satisfy the meticulous demands of the gigging / Pro – Guitarist.


We have steadily built up a loyal customer base who have generally been very pleased with the high quality finish, setup and great value of their new guitar. Scroll through our Blog to read some of their reviews.


We have also been very lucky to attract some very talented Endorsed Artists who are slowly helping to spread the word.


Over the course on 2018 we developed a more professional Web presence with the help of Orange Dog Web Design, and we have been busy maintaining an active social media presence on facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


As we move forward into 2019 we hope to consolidate our position in the UK as a quality guitar manufacturer and extend our influence into the rest of Europe, America and North Africa. Good times ahead – hope you can join us for the ride!


At this special time of year we would like to wish all of our friends – old, new and those we have yet to meet – a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with all of the Blessings you dream of.


Simon Cassidy




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