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Customer Review ~ UK Custom Built JB and Bluesville BV301

Review by Laila Riley


The best guitars in my collection are Cassidy Guitars, the positives of working alongside a small business mean that all the products come expertly finished and finetuned by the man himself.


I have been gigging with my Cassidy UK Custom Built Jbass since June last year, and I always get comments on its finish and sound. Its versatility and ease of playing means that I’m able to explore different techniques that other basses would’ve held me back on (I have to compliment it’s the ease of picking up harmonics as I wasn’t able to do this with my previous fender). I have also played this bass in the studio and it always comes out with a rich sound.



Recently I bought a Cassidy Bluesville BV301 as I have started playing my guitar more. I was initially attracted to this guitar aesthetic as the transluscent yellow body against white pearl scratchplate caught my eye instantly, but its real merit lies with its playing. I love using it for jazz and funk, but turned up it shows it’s strength in the heavier genres. Its adaptable nature means that I’m not held back, it’s a brilliant all-rounded instrument.




I’d recommend Cassidy to anyone starting or advancing in guitar as you’d be guaranteed quality each time.




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