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Customer Review ~ Encounter CE551 and Bluesville BV511

Review by Rick Butler


I’m a lifelong learner and with Simon Cassidy providing quality gear, advice, tuition, networking opportunities and encouragement … this part of the journey is proving to be one of the best.



I guess that with this brace of Cassidy guitars I’ll be able to play most things.



I bought the CE551 for Blues and Jazz, which it does well, but cranked up and dirty you unleash a beast in sheep’s clothing.



The BV511 is a truly versatile instrument, from soft sensual Latin to Rock ‘n Roll, it does it all.



As with most musical instruments purchased new, attention to quality control and set up mean that you get optimum performance at that particular price point. Simon takes personal responsibility for both.



After a lifetime of music – Soul, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical and Musical Comedy – mostly sung or played on my sax/clarinet, I took to the guitar again after a brief musical encounter over 40 years ago. This time I’m hooked. It’s a joy to be part of the world-wide, intergenerational fraternity of guitarists.


Rick Butler




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