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Customer Review ~ Croft CA511C TK

Review by Alexander Bell


Having played and owned mostly electric guitars over the last 20 years as a solo guitarist, I’ve always struggled to gel and play acoustics – my hands just want to jump up the neck and start soloing! Having spoken at length with Simon from Cassidy Guitars he guided me through the different shapes, sounds and playability of acoustic guitars and educated me in the simple fact that you should play an acoustic – like an acoustic, not an electric!



I eventually settled on the Croft because I still wanted a cutaway (to access those higher frets) and a smaller body size to make it feel more comfortable to play.



The guitar is stunning to look at! The tone of this guitar is amazing given its size – really rich with great depth and still packs a punch if I want to let rip higher up the neck (oops, sorry Simon!) Open chords are a dream and this is what Simon means when playing an acoustic – like an acoustic.




For the price, given this is a solid top guitar with a gorgeous Koa back and sides and fret inlays, AND professionally constructed and personally setup by Simon in the UK who is seriously talented and very knowledgeable, this is a bargain! If you buy a guitar online, the chances are it won’t have been professionally setup – this is where Simon differs from the rest. A typical setup by a guitar technician will likely cost you £100, and you have to find one locally to you! Simon includes this in the price already – amazing value!



If you are considering buying a new guitar, speak to Simon at Cassidy, send him a message, you won’t be disappointed.




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