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Customer Review CE751 and CE551

by | March 7, 2017 | 0 comments

Reviews by Brian Waddington :


Bri Wad Beamish
It always amazes me that guitarists flock to the big brands when they want a “quality” guitar and seem happy to part with huge sums of money to own the latest models…or even a vintage model.
I’ve owned a few and I always seem to be selling them on because they are just not quite right! Surely if you are a guitar player you want to own the best guitar, and the only judgement you make should be how the guitar feels, sounds and plays in your hands?
CE751 FRont Body 2000h
I went off the big brands many years ago when I discovered that I could get the equivalent or (in my case) a much better quality guitar than the branded and over priced ranges that adorn the guitar shops and magazines.
For example I love the PRS shape and sound so I went to try one at a guitar show…It was beautiful, played like a dream and I loved it…it was £1350.00 ! I had to think about it… so I wandered around the show and came across Cassidy Guitars Stand. My eye was caught by the CE751 so I had a look…picked it up and played it. Stunning !! I couldn’t believe how well it played and sounded …. I then went back to the PRS….played it…back the the Cassidy Stand…played the CE751. I journeyed back and forth several times….i had to be certain. There was no doubt in my mind that the Cassidy guitar was more than a match for the other guitar so I bought it.
CE751 Front 2000h
I saved myself a fortune and gained a “keeper” I have only ever played one other guitar that is better than this….and would you believe that it also is a Cassidy guitar !! I cannot praise these instruments too much or too often…. they are beyond excellent in all areas….Value, Quality and Playability. I recommend them wholeheartedly. Buy one !!!


Several years ago I discovered Cassidy Guitars at a Guitar Show and was blown away by a CE751 which I bought. (And still love !!)
I’d had the guitar for just over a year and was wanting a second guitar that would give me a different sound range….so off I trundled to Cassidy Guitars again !! My experience with the CE751 has made me a devotee of the Cassidy Guitars. All around quality and value made the decision a “no brainer” so off I went to see Mr Cassidy !! I ended up with the CE551 which is awesome !!
CE551 Body Front CE551 2000h
A long conversation with the main man left me understanding why these guitars were so good…. he has personally specified every detail of the instruments. A player and Guitar Teacher himself, Simon Cassidy knows his stuff!!
He has produced a range of the most fantastic guitars which offer unbelievable value for money.
CE551 Full Front 2000h


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