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Well what can I say, for as long as I remember I have always loved guitars particularly electric guitars, the lines, the colours, the sounds, I recall sitting as a child staring at my Mothers pay per week catalogue at a bright red semi acoustic imagining how brilliant it would sound if only we could afford it and I could play it, even to this day I find it impossible to walk past a music or second hand shop without looking at the window displays of these magnificent works of art.


Over the years I have been fortunate to own many guitars from cheap copies to Rickenbacker, Ibanez,Gibson and Fenders and I have loved every one of them in their own way but when I waked into Simon’s workshop and saw the custom made Tygerman LP2 sitting on the stand it was just too tempting to resist and of course the most important parts the sound, the playability , the quality is just unbelievable, every item of hardware is of the highest quality , as you would expect from a guitar custom designed for a professional musician , whilst not cheap the value compared to the mainline manufacturers is outstanding and the service Simon offers for setting up to the most meticulous requirement is something that you just would not be able to get from the likes of Gibson and Fender, I believe a guitar of this quality from one of these suppliers would cost £1000’s more.

I can honestly say that the UKCB Tygerman LP2 is the best Guitar I have ever owned and if I should ever (probably when rather than if) consider another purchase I would ask Simon to design and manufacture to the spec I required rather than an off the shelf option from any other supplier, whilst playing with other guitarists with this instrument I have nothing but positive comments (about the guitar not me) and I would not hesitate to recommend Cassidy Guitars to anyone.


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