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Customer Review : Cassidy CE701 TB

by | April 24, 2014 | 1 comment

Review by Neil Dawes…

Do I need another guitar is the question I asked myself? No was the answer, I already have five – a Fender Stratocaster, Schecter C1 FR, Aria pro 11 semi acoustic BC rich electro acoustic, and an 1970’s Avon Les Paul special.


I had been invited over to the Cassidy music companies studio to take a look at the delivery of the first batch guitars crafted in Asia after many years of research and development.

First Impressions blew me away, I could not believe the quality and finish of what I saw before me. These guitars are absolutely stunning, on close examination the detail and work that has been put into the make up of these is first class. Fine detailing around the body neck and headstock of abalone certainly sets these guitars apart from the rest.


After just looking I had to pick one up and play, I’ve only been playing for around three years so I have a limited ability, but I could feel straight away the ease of playing one of these.

I chose to play a CE701 in translucent blue, the quilted maple top on this to me was stunning, the abalone finish on the body and headstock in fantastic. It is complemented with Abalone block inlays on the Neck and the Cassidy logo on the headstock.

The Neck feels really great to play, with a great action. My fingers seam to be able to move around freely and place well on the fret board. The sound the guitar makes is fantastic, bearing in mind the competitive price of these I would say it is better than some higher priced better known brands. Which these beat by the build quality hands down.

The hardware fitted to these certainly matches the rest of the guitar in terms of quality and finish. The locking tuners make string changing a very easy and quick job.


So after looking at these Cassidy Guitars, I couldn’t walk away without one. Yes, the CE701TB became number six in my collection. I have had this now for nearly five months, hardly a day go by without me picking it up and playing. It certainly looks the part, and when anyone visits it gets a lot of attention.

I have to say I am very pleased with the guitar, my playing will get better, and I will hopefully one day do this guitar justice. It is helping me along slowly.


If I had to say pick a fault, what would it be…..nothing. Only maybe an option in the future to offer an upgrade on pickups and pots. The body and neck and build of these would certainly lend themselves to a higher market of guitar. Lets see what the future brings Simon?

Neil Dawes


1 Comment

  1. Cassidy Music Blog

    Great review – glad you like your new guitar – as you know I’m a fan too as kept one of these for myself!


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