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Customer Review : Cassidy CE531

by | March 14, 2016 | 0 comments

Review by Ian Trust

Ok so here’s my Review.

What can I say other than I have nothing but praise for this guitar.


The fender Jaguar has always been my weapon of choice with my Telecaster bringing up the rear, but now with the Cassidy CE531 I have a new problem and that is which of the former do I leave at home because this guitar it compact beautiful to look at wonderful to hold and easy to play with a sound that’s every bit as good and in some cases better than the top name brands. The pickups are very good indeed.

IMG_0669 1000h

I’m always a bit worried buying a guitar from a relatively unknown source but those fears were quashed as soon as I plugged it in .


It’s all very well having your Gibson Fenders and Gretsch’s but these are produced on mass and in my opinion lack the personal touch you get from Cassidy and to discover recently that my axe is only one of three was a bonus.


I for one will be spending a lot more money with Cassidy and if this guitar is anything to go by I won’t be disappointed.

Thanks guys



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