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Customer Review : Cassidy Bluesville Series BV501 “Lefty” Conversion

by | June 29, 2014 | 0 comments

Customer Rewiew by Kathryn Stainsby


I’ve written a review for my guitar. I wasn’t going to write much, but I got a bit carried away.
Here it is:
Cassidy Bluesville Series BV501
After a year of lessons and playing on my relatively cheap Les Paul style guitar, I decided it was time to reward my progress with a new guitar in a higher price range and better quality than my beginners guitar.
A problem soon arose though as I am left handed and can’t play right handed like some other left handers can; it just felt unnatural and strange. So when searching various shops and websites I soon discovered that some companies either didn’t supply left handed guitars, or the ones that did had a very small range and most only came in white, black or sunburst; the normal boring colours. These were no good to me as I love to be different and I wanted a guitar that stood out, one that made me stop and go ‘wow I have to have that’ as soon as I saw it.
What a coincidence it was that only a few days later I saw an advert/picture on Cassidy Music Company’s Facebook page for the most gorgeous guitar that I have ever seen.
However, yes, you guessed it, the guitar was right handed. But, luckily for me, I just couldn’t scroll past it without leaving a comment saying how much I loved it. Imagine my surprise when I got a reply saying that, as it was a Fender style guitar and it would look just as good upside down, they would be able to convert it from a right handed to a left handed one; like Jimi Hendrix. My reply: that would be awesome!
Once the conversion was complete, I went to view it and try it out before purchase. As soon as I laid eyes on it upon entering the room I fell in love with it even more and I just had to have it before anyone else got the chance.
It was exactly what I had in mind and was looking for. The colour of the body is all mottled and kind of looks like water, it goes well with the curl on the headstock which resembles a wave due to it being upside down. The scratch plate is white with a kind of pearly effect adding to the watery look, and hopefully, over time, my playing will become as fluid as water. The upside down look of the guitar looks even better than the correct way in my opinion and just adds to the whole uniqueness of the guitar.
I may have only had this guitar for a week but I have noticed that when I sit down to play I don’t want to stop. A few times I have found myself having to put it away, not because I was bored, but because my fingers were hurting so much, they even had indents in them from the length of time I was playing!
Since buying this guitar I have found it can make many more different sounds than what my Les Paul style one can due to the various pick ups. It is also very comfortable and easy to hold. My hand glides easily and effortlessly up and down the neck, it is much smoother than my other guitars neck. I can almost play without thinking, like the guitar is just an extension of myself rather than a guitar.
I am so glad that I commented on that photo. As a result I have the most beautiful guitar that has encouraged me to push myself further with my playing so one day I can play as nicely as the guitar looks.
I will undoubtedly be keeping this guitar forever. It’s my precious baby.
I would definitely recommend a guitar from Cassidy Music Company to anyone and everyone looking into purchasing a good quality, unique and affordable guitar. Great guitars and great service.
Thank you,


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