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Customer Review : Cassidy Axeman Series AX701 TK

by | February 1, 2014 | 0 comments

Customer Review from Ryan J.

I am a proud owner of a beautiful new Cassidy guitar, beautifully finished, with the feel and sound that is way above it’s price range. Body : 2 piece Basswood with Quilted Maple Top with High Gloss Transluscent Green Finish, Neck: 5 piece Maple / Sapele Through Body, Fretboard : Indian Rosewood with Pearl / Abalone Tree of Knowledge Inlay, Binding : Abalone to body, Fretboard and Headstock plus Abalone Inlay to Headstock, 24 frets,Tuners : Die Cast Tuners in Gold, Nut : Locking Nut in Gold,

This Cassidy guitar (Axeman series) has a beautiful sound much like that of a Jackson. This guitar is perfectly suited for rock and heavy metal but sounds great playing pop, blues and folk music. This guitar has a tremolo and this helps the sound when doing solos and it can distort the sound in different ways.

Head, Neck and Body
The neck of this guitar had a unique abalone tree of knowledge inlay and is not average on a low range guitar. It has a locking nut, allowing you to use the tremolo and bend the strings without the constant threat of the guitar going out of tune. The body has a magnificent Quilted maple top with high gloss translucent green finish.

Overall impression
My overall view on the whole of this guitar Is that it is fantastic. Also being the owner of several Fenders and a Jackson guitar, it lives up to the quality of these famous brands. It has a great design and unique features unlike others of a similar price but poorer quality. Finally it has great sounds and is overall a great design!


Full details of this model can be found here : Cassidy Axeman Series AX701TK


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