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Customer Review : Bluesville Series BVB351

by | October 24, 2014 | 0 comments

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Well I looked at a Rickenbacker, beautiful but wasn’t happy with the sound I wanted, had a go on an Aria II, but it just lacked the looks and class, the Yamaha I wanted stopped being made in 1992  second hand ones were full of dinks and dents and nostalgia had made them priced far more than they are worth.
I looked at a Fender P Bass, there are so many types Squier, Mexican, American, confusing with varying price and quality.  I played some budget brands and found they were useful for cricket, tennis and driving tent pegs.
 3 PBass logo
I was delighted when Mr Cassidy produced this P Bass for one secret reason…I know the man himself  – he is badly flawed – to our advantage!  Mr Cassidy is a perfectionist –  he would rather throw a guitar in the trash, if it had a scratch, than give it to a customer.
This guitar is pure class, stunning sunburst, maple neck, satin finish. This bass rocks: I love to use a pick play grunge and indie like the Pixies, Nirvana, Joy Division and the Stone Roses and the BVB351 coaxes me to do this, but also loves funk and finger style.
It’s a happy marriage and I’m not looking for another bass – I sleep well at night.
Bluesville Series BVB351

Bluesville Series BVB351


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