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Customer Review ~ Bluesville BVB361 Bass

This is Jeff Smith’s 4th Cassidy Guitar – this time a Bass – and he very kindly sent us this review from his sick bed. Wishing you a speedy recovery Jeff and may Music be your Healer…


Review by Jeff Smith


“Hi Simon. I’ve managed to get the bass unpacked and had awhile to explore its possibilities. Unfortunately whilst restricted to my bed and using a cheap practice amp! I like it. It’s really straightforward and comfortable to play.



It can capture the sound that I was after – the hollow resonance that one gets with a double bass and is heard on many early blues and jazz recordings. I love that sound as it gives the bass a distinctive sound behind other instruments and also works with an acoustic set and for solos. That great combination of piano and bass on slow pieces is a good example. It retains its tone across the pitch which is not always the case with basses. A particular favourite of mine is bass and baritone guitar and it will work well with this duo. Great for a string quartet of mandolin, guitar, baritone, and bass, where one needs the individuality of each instrument to stand out.



It is, as with all your guitars, very well constructed with great attention to the finishing details making it very smooth to play. ( Even in my restricted health state at the moment! ).



At this price point it’s an excellent guitar that fulfils all my requirements. I’m delighted with my purchase as I need to look no further for a more costly instrument. Another winner!

All the best. Take care in these difficult times.

Yours, Jeff”.




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