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It was indeed an honour, privilege and a lot of fun to be invited to be the guest on the Two Johns’ weekly talk show from Junkyard Dawg Studios and Mod Radio UK which was broadcast on Sunday 15th September 2019.

I took the opportunity to play out my life with some of my old recordings as well as those of a number of Cassidy Endorsed Artists – so you can expect a lot of variety and a few laughs.

Sorry to those of you who didn’t get a mention – I’ll make up for thast next time!

Many thanks to John Cumberland and John Young for inviting me onto their show, and to Damian “Dimmer” Blackwell for his expert help on the Sound Desk in putting it all together.

It’s a 2 hour show, so sit back with a cup or glass of your choice and enjoy finding out a bit more about how Cassidy Guitars got to where it is today. I hope you enjoy it…


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