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Artistry in Wood

by | January 21, 2014 | 0 comments

When we started looking a couple of years ago for a Chinese manufacturing partner to make our guitars we knew we had found the right one when we saw the finished detail of their existing products.

So when we went over to the factory in November last year to inspect the first batch of Cassidy guitars we were expecting nice guitars – but we were all surprised just how nice they were.

Unfortunately they were a bit behind schedule so one of the guitars hadn’t been finished – in fact it was still in bits. However, it shows just how great the Artistry is in these guitars.

Well, it started with several weeks in the wood de-humidifying room…


Then carefully selected wood was transformed into a 5 piece Maple / Sapele through neck….

IMG_2857Add a couple of solid blocks of Basswood…

IMG_2851With a wafer thin Flame Maple Veneer on top…..

IMG_2854But how do we turn all of that into this? – the actual finished guitar….

ax711 full

ax711 body 1  ax711 body crop

ax711 body crop 2

ax711 body neck

ax711 IMG_9804

ax711 IMG_9806

ax711 IMG_9808

ax711 head

Well that would be Artristry in Wood in the form of the Cassidy Axeman Series AX711 TK.


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