Let us put together a Guitar just for you.

Competing with the very best in terms of quality, tone and playability. Aiming to be the best in terms of Price and Value for Money

the UK Custom series

Our UK Custom Built Series aims to compete with the very best in terms of quality, tone and playability and to be the best in terms of overall Quality and Value for Money.


Offering you the opportunity to take a Classic ST, T, LP, JB Design and choose the detailed component specification that are just right for you, making every UKCB Guitar unique.


All of our UK Custom Built Guitars and Basses are built to our Customers’ detailed specification by Simon Cassidy at our UK Workshop and set up to perform as good as anything else you may choose to try.



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Lewis Floyd Henry

Lewis Floyd Henry takes the rarified tradition of the one man band, street corner, blues music of Lone Cat Fuller to an almost burlesque stratospheric level –a one man, multi genre, sonic medicine show.

Laila Riley

Holding down the Low Notes with All Girl Power Trio “ Sing Again Syren”…


A very busy session Guitarist based in Marrakech, Morocco, Raoudi continues to record and perform with a range of Artists from North Africa.


Lewis Floyd Henry with his Cassidy UK Custom Built ST


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