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D’Addario Humidity & Temperature Sensor


D'Addario Humidity & Temperature Sensor


The Planet Waves Humidity & Temperature Sensor is a precision-designed hygrometer that digitally indicates accurate relative humidity levels ranging from low (under 20%) to 99%. Temperature is displayed in either Fahrenheit or Centigrade, ranging from -32°F to 122°F (-35C to 50C).


The HTS includes a programmable set point, as well as a memory feature that indicates date/time of the highest & lowest temperature/humidity levels the instrument has been exposed to. Get one for each of your instruments. It’s a wise investment to properly install and use a Planet Waves HTS and a humidifier in each of your instrument cases.Accurately displays temperature and humidity levels.

Please note that sales of this product at the price indicated is only available to new or existing owners of one of our Guitars.

D’Addario Humidity & Temperature Sensor


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Memory Feature

indicates recent high and low levels


Built In


Built In

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