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by | February 5, 2012 | 0 comments

An interesting couple of days…… Nick Poole came along for his lesson on Thursday and we were working on rhythm playing by playing along with drum tracks I have on my BOSS BR-1200 Digital Recording Studio.

“But what about practice between lessons???” asked Nick. We subsequently searched the internet for free downloadable drum loops and came across wikiloops. com ~ Thousands of great drum tracks ~ just the job I thought……..

I had another look at this site with a few other students over the next couple of days and discovered what a brilliant free resource this site actually is.

If you look at the to the top of the screen you can see an icon to add additional instruments. The site works on the basis that musicians anywhere in the world can download the basic drum track and record, say, a bass track over it and then upload it back to wikiloops. This bass and drum track can then be downloaded and then a guitar or keyboard  (or anything else) track added and then uploaded.

Well guess what ~ I just couldn’t resist it and after a few hours trying to figure out how it all works I managed to record my first session ~ let me know what you think!!!!

A brilliant resource for you to jam along with ~ let me know when you have recorded your first session!!!!


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