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Product Review ~ Quiklok Guitar Stands

by | January 12, 2012 | 0 comments

Just received a consignment of Quiklok Guitar stands including the :

Quiklok Low “A” Frame Electric Guitar stand QL631

Quiklok Single Electric / Acoustic Guitar stand QL692

Quiklok Dual Electric / Acoustic Guitar stand QL694

Two words spring to mind on first impression “quality” and “robust”. Not surprising as the stands are solidly constructed with highgrade steel and arc-welded joints for years of dependability, with plenty of soft, rubberized cushioning to protect the guitar contact points.

With so many stands of varying price and quality on the market why go for Quiklok??? Maybe this short question and answer section will help you….

Quality? “High Quality and Robust”

Cheap? “No – there are plenty of those to choose from”,

Value for money “Yes”

Would you buy one “Yes I just bought a selection and you can see full specifications and further details at Sundance Guitars

These are certainly not the cheapest on the market, but they are amongst the highest quality available. Having invested in your quality instrument maybe you ought to ensure that it is kept safe from unintended harm by investing a little more in a Quiklok Guitar Stand???


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