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Featured Student ~ Jack Walmsley (and his new unexpected arrivals!!!)

by | January 11, 2012 | 1 comment

Jack Walmsley at the age of 12 is quite a serious young chap. From a Farming Family, Jack is becoming skilled in all aspects of country life from lambing, to shooting and fixing tractors!!!

In between his country pursuits Jack is coming on nicely as a talented young guitarist, attaining a Distinction at Grade 1 Electric Guitar last year. Not surprising really as he comes from a gifted musical family with his “Rock Chick” Mum Yvonne destined for greatness as a Bass player in the not too distant future (more about her later!!!).

Young Jack was late for his lesson yesterday. He strolled in calmly and said “I’m sorry I’m, late but my dog wasn’t feeling well earlier today and then she had pups – we didn’t even know she was expecting!!”

The search is out on the Farm for the errant Father with the old Collie being the prime suspect!!!!

Mother and the two pups are all fine with eager new owners ready in waiting!!!!

Well done Jack – always calm in a crisis!!!

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  1. ellie

    nifty jack verry nice!


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