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Special Delivery : Marshall JMP Master Model 50w Mk2 Lead Head 1979 to Poland….

by | July 19, 2012 | 0 comments

I was very pleased to make contact with Dawid Miszewski from Poland over the last few weeks who is now taking good care of one of my old amps……

Here is his review…..(I hope his neighbours like it as much as he does!!!)……….

Ultimate rock amp: the Marshall JMP 2204

From the very begining of my adventure with guitar I really liked Marshall amps. My first one was JTM45 RI which wasn’t a really good idea. Despite it’s fantastic clean sound it couldn’t get that Marshall signature tone. Then I decided to swap it for 1979 Super Bass head. This time I was dealing with high volume. I didn’t really like this amp so did my neighbours (offten complaining about such noise). Finally I sold it to a fellow musician and came across 1979 Marshall JMP 2204 advertised on the internet in the UK. I thought “well why souldn’t I try this one?”. After a few days of waiting it finally arrived. Huge and well packed item landed in my room. “It’s packed like in case of nuklear holocaust” thought I. After unpacking I was heavly surprised, Marshall looked like brand new produced maybe 2-3 days ago not 33 years ago. Unfortunately I sold my 1960a cab some time ago so I had to use old polish 2×12 cab from mid-seventies (with kind of polish substitute of celestion speakers inside). After connecting all wires awaited moment began; I pushed the standby switch and the magic happened. The sweet, heavy and crunchy sound came from the speakers. Automatically I started to play all AC/DC stuff I know, everything sounded so great. Pure evil. But as a huge fan of the Doors I also wanted to get some less distorted sound. There was no problem with finding it! This thing can easily change from clean sounding amp to cranked up beast. And thanks to Master Volume my neighbours don’t want to kill me anymore. Overall I am very happy with such fantastic transaction. I can truly say that my dream came true (getting such fantastic amp in such good condition  here in Poland is nearly impossible).
Thank you once again
Another happy customer – Dawid

…glad you like it Dawid – I’m sure you’re going to have some great times together….. just like I did here with the amp on song at the Sundance Play Hendrix : 40th Anniversary Tribute to the Music of Jimi Hendrix at Darlington Arts Centre Rhythm and Brews Festival, Saturday 18th September 2010. 

I hope it sings for you too Dawid……Let us know how you get on………………..


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