JOEL KENT goes back a long way with Cassidy Guitars.


Starting both electric and classical guitar lessons at the age of 9, Joel was very fortunate to develop a rounded interest in music throughout his early teens playing in local jam nights, the local Youth Jazz Orchestra, and hotel recitals, before developing further as a rock/metal guitarist on the North West live scene. Joel moved to Liverpool to study classical guitar at the University of Liverpool, before accepting a Scholarship to BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC.


Joel’s discography includes two original releases – GHOST SHIP EP and PAPER DRAGON LP – in addition to two metal remix EPs with Video Game Music Label Materia Collective – OCTOROCK: THE ZELDA METAL EP and HELMAROCK: ZELDA METAL VOL. II.


Joel has provided guitar work for artists including SOMA DEVA, Alice Grace, Noa Beazley, insaneintherain, Charlie Rosen’s 8-Bit Big Band, How To Drown a Fish, and Oliver Price.


Joel’s releases are available to purchase / download from his Bandcamp page HERE.


Joel uses a limited production model CASSIDY AXEMAN SERIES AX401 


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