We were lucky enough to meet Ian and his wife June at a recent Guitar show, and we were blown away by the combination of Ian’s blistering guitar playing technique and his amiable / unassuming nature.


Ian is a seasoned Musician who has experience of playing most types of music with live bands across Europe, and also has substantial experience in the studio as a Session Musician and Sound Engineer.


You can see Ian live with the Alphabetical Twins across the North West.


Ian plays a Cassidy Axeman Series AX401 and 7 String Axeman AX501.




“These are excellent guitars and the construction quality playability and sound far exceeds many of their competitors even at the higher end of the market.


The price range puts them in reach of anyone looking for a good guitar at a reasonable price, even if you have money to burn they are still worth checking out before you go spending your hard earned cash on some high brand name guitar I’m confident you will get a great instrument and still have enough over to buy that amp you’ve always wanted.


I will finish this review by saying that Simon Cassidy is a true honest gent, very helpful and a real pleasure to do business with, in fact I already have plans to get together with him and have a double neck guitar built to my own specs by him”.


Read Ian’s full review here.

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