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Too many Guitars??

by | January 14, 2012 | 4 comments

Getting earache from your better half about your latest guitar acquisition??? Just show them this…..

Or maybe Mr Bonamassa is single????


  1. micheline dussart

    According to wikipedia …

    Early life
    Bonamassa was born and raised in New Hartford, New York. His parents owned and ran a guitar shop. He is a fourth-generation musician. With a great-grandfather and grandfather who both played trumpet, and a father who plays guitar….

    Phew! Although I’ve forgotton how many my husband has now acquired I’m hoping the fact that his parents didn’t have a guitar shop might have less of an influence on him than it did Joe!

    • sundanceguitars

      You may be right Micheline – although Brian may be making up for the fact that his parents didn’t have a guitar shop and he may now be the first of four generations of musicians – both of his sons play!!!!???

  2. neildawes

    From what I’ve heard his girlfriend is Sandi Thom, she must be very understanding.


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