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Featured New Owner ~ Jeff “Slash” Draper ~ “…but I’m a Sunderland supporter….”

by | January 21, 2012 | 2 comments

Well music is definitely a family thing. A big factor in whether or not my students start and then continue with lessons is whether or not they have the support of their family. Charlotte Draper is a good example of a young lady with a talent for singing, acting and playing the guitar who is also very lucky to have the total support of her parents Jeff and Karen.

The only problem is Jeff sat in on a few lessons last year and caught the guitar bug ~ then went and bought a perfectly good Squire Strat off a neighbour a few months ago. I have been keen to hear how Jeff was getting on and whether or not Charlotte was helping him out, so I asked him a couple of weeks ago how he was doing.

“Well not very well” said Jeff  “….You see it’s Black and White…..but I’m a Sunderland supporter… so I can’t bear to look at it!!!!”

“Oh dear!!!” I thought ~ A big Slash fan who was mistaken for a “musician” whilst waiting with Charlotte  at the last round of RGT exams, Jeff really fancied a Vintage V100 Icon Series without a scratchplate and with a relic finish to look like it had been on tour with Slash for the last 30 years. Well he had a nice surprise waiting for him when he came in with Charlotte for her lesson this morning. It took him a while to spot it but when he did – that was definitely the one!!!!

Jeff standing proud with his new Vintage “Slash” Les Paul, his last Slash concert ticket and a Gibson strap in the mandatory Sunderland colours – a happy man!!!

I just hope you manage to get some time on it when you get home Jeff as I think that “Sweet Child o’ ” yours has taken a shine to it!!!!

Especially through her / your new Marshall MG30DFX amp….

I’m sure you’re both going to have a great time with your new guitar / amp set up Jeff!!!!! Enjoy!!!!


  1. Jeff Draper

    Very happy Simon, thanks very much for your help, given the fact we got the new amp aswell, ohh what a loud afternoon it’s been, thanks again

  2. sundanceguitars

    My pleasure Jeff, I’m sure you will both have a lot of fun with the new setup. Glad it eased your footballing conscience as well!!!! I’ll try and find a red and white amp for you now!!!!!


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