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Cites restrictions on Rosewood

Information on CITES from Cassidy Guitars


With effect from 2 January 2017, the recommendations of the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES (which includes 182 countries plus the European Union) came into force. These include restrictions on the import and export of an additional 300+ timber species including products containing all species of Rosewood / Dalbergia. Import and export of these species now require appropriate certification. Certification is not required for movement within the European Union.


Whilst welcoming the protection of our wild fauna and flora, these changes have led us to review our approach to International Trade outside of the European Union.


Our business model is based upon selling directly to individuals with the aim of keeping our quality high and or prices low. We do not sell in bulk to wholesales or retailers.


All of our acoustic, electric and bass guitars with the exception of those with Maple Fretboards contain Rosewood which was imported to the UK prior to the new restrictions.


It is our current understanding that following the adoption of Dalbergia / Rosewood species to the CITES list we are now required to apply for an individual Export Permit for every transaction involving export outside of the EU. These currently cost £59 and take up to 15 days to be processed by the appropriate UK authority which is currently the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).


It appears that certain countries, for example the USA, would also require the Customer purchasing the guitar to apply for an Import License.


In consideration of these requirements, we are still prepared to sell to Customers outside of the EU on the basis that the Customer pays for the goods in full plus shipping plus Certification fee before the goods are shipped. The Customer would also accept that the dispatch of the goods will be delayed by approximately 3 weeks whilst awaiting the issue of an Export Permit. The Customer would be responsible for arranging appropriate import Licenses where required, and although we would insure the goods against damage in transit the Customer accepts full responsibility should the goods be delayed in Customs.


Further developments are likely on this matter which we will keep under review.


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