Endorsed Artists

Our roots developed from a Guitar Teaching Studio and our Mission is to make Quality Affordable. It won’t then be a surprise that we have set up our Endorsed Artist programme to help to develop talented guitarists / singers / songwriters of all ages and backgrounds. If you like the look of our guitars and would like to join us please have a read through the details of our  Endorsed Artist programme  and get in touch.

Lewis Floyd Henry

Lewis Floyd Henry takes the rarified tradition of the one man band, street corner, blues music of Lone Cat Fuller to an almost burlesque stratospheric level –a one man, multi genre, sonic medicine show.

Joel Kent

One to watch, Joel is an accomplished Classical Guitarist (Grade 8 ABRSM at 14 years of age) who has who has now turned his main focus to Electric Guitar covering all styles from Blues to Shredding

Ivan Magnani

Ivan Magnani leads the band Graveyhard on guitar and vocals.


A very busy session Guitarist based in Marrakech, Morocco, Raoudi continues to record and perform with a range of Artists from North Africa.

The Pete Box

Witnessing a THEPETEBOX live show is an immersive experience as he creates songs sound by sound, layer by layer, reveal on reveal, loop on loop, one man building tracks that are as sonically massive as any full band setup or DJ set.

Simon Barkley

Long standing session player, professional guitarist and teacher, you may have come across Simon in a number of guitar guises over the years both in the UK and around Europe


Solo or with her band, Keto, the hypnotic orchestration of Leah Sanderson, offers a fresh and quintessentially English take on millennial folk.

Sam McLean

Graduate of the Cassidy Guitar Studio, Sam plays one of our very special UKCB JB2 Basses.

Gary Harrer

A Graduate of the Cassidy Guitar Studio, Gary now flies the flag as a Cassidy Endorsed Artist.

Alessandro Dionisio

Alessandro plays guitar with the Folk/Death Metal band KormaK, based in Bari, Italy

Rob Norman

Rob is a Pro Sight Reading Bass Player, Pianist, Instrument Teacher and Musical Director based in Staffordshire, UK.

Brad Lister

Guitar picker with hot Blues / Rock outfit Swampgrass and Country / Folk eclectic Nick Parker and the False Alarms, Brad Lister is no stranger to fine guitars, and his Cassidy weapons of choice are a CE501 and CA751C.

John Courage

A veteran Cassidy Endorsed Artist, John now rocks with a Bluesville BV351

Joe Hoskin

Bass Player with the Bare Knuckle Blues Band, Joe was the first recipient of one of our UKCB JB2 Basses.

Josh Westwood

Josh Westwood is an up and coming Singer songwriter from Wensleydale, North Yorkshire.

Endy Ian Wilson

Ian is a seasoned Musician who has experience of playing most types of music with live bands across Europe, and also has substantial experience in the studio as a Session Musician and Sound Engineer.

Tom E Tombs of Arcane Militia

As his name suggests, Tom E Tombs has an inclination to the Dark Side – so he’s found a perfect match in our Goth styled Axeman Series AX351

Carlo Bellagotti

Carlo Bellagotti lays down the low notes with Italian Metal Band Graveyhard…

Chris Vernon

Chris Vernon is Liverpool based guitar tutor, session musician, live performer and company director of ComfyChords Ltd.

Brian Waddington

The “Daddy” of Endorsed Artists, Brian has been playing guitar longer than any of us can remember and far longer than he cares to admit.

Cerith Evans

A young man with a very bright future, Cerith is a student attending Bristol BIMM studying Professional Musicianship for bass guitar, in between gigging 2 or 3 Times each weekend with Function bands in the South Wales / Bristol area.

Rob Franklin

Guitarist and singer in original Rock and Roll Band The Dead Freights with melodic vocal harmonies, bluesy guitars and driving shuffles. Rob plays a Cassidy CE551.

Giovanni Tosi

Giovanni Tosi plays guitar with Italian Metal Band Graveyhard…

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