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Serial Guitar Collector- Episode 1

by | August 16, 2012 | 0 comments

I have known Ian and his family for for quite a few years now, and we have all enjoyed the open mike / jam sessions at our local music bar. As a keen guitar man myself, I couldn’t help but notice the very fine examples of guitars Ian turns up with each month at the jam sessions. This has lead to many detailed technical discussions and finally a visit to view his collection this afternoon locked away very securely in his bunker somewhere in the North of England. Well as you will understand as you read on, that was quite an experience…..

I decided to write this article for a number of reasons. Firstly, I know it will be of interest to a lot of guitarists who will find this site in their search for information on rare guitars. Secondly, I’m also personally interested in all sorts of guitars as you might have guessed. But I also think this article may be of particular assistance to any enthusiast who finds themselves in the difficult position of having to justify their latest guitar acquisition / aspiration with their better half who may have a very different set of priorities!!! If you find yourself in this position, maybe if you show them Ian’s collection your latest or next acquisition won’t seem quite so unreasonable??!!

“So how many guitars you have the Ian” I asked. “Not sure…somewhere upwards of 70??” was his uncertain reply!!!!

Where do we begin??…..Lots of photos from my first visit ~ 141 to be precise!!  All photos will  enlarge / zoom if you click on them, and where guitar names are highlighted they include hyperlinks to slideshows – enjoy!!! I’m sure Ian will be watching any comments or questions and will be happy to clarify any technical points.

The Earliest Guitar Bought and Still Owned?

A Japanese Antoria LP / SG bought new in 1973  for £230 – not cheap in 1973!!!

The Oldest?

Split between a 1960 Hofner Colorama…

and a Hofner President 1959/60

Most Rare?

Well that would be split betwen the most rare production model : a VOX V251 “Organ Guitar” from 1964/65….

and a one-off Kif Wood Custom Midi Classic originally nylon strung and built for a “named” guitarist who subsequently had a change of heart before Ian was lucky enough to get hold of it. You can see more examples of Kif Wood’s fine craftsmanship on his website   ……


Well that would be the 1989 Gibson Les Paul Custom that belonged to a good friend of Ian. Derek Hogg from Helston Cornwall passed away far too soon, and left Ian as the Custodian of this fine guitar.

Of Particular Interest?

Well that would have to be vintage Japanese guitars of the 1970’s and 80’s of which Ian has a few – including……

Casio Midi MG510 , Ibanez Blazer and an acrylic AXL Strat…(the AXL Strat probably late 90’s)…

and a Tempest Strat with a high quality maple neck and what appears to be a solid ash body plus built in active effects – very little known about this one so any information would be welcome…..

Also with an English name but a definite Japanese Heritage a 1980’s Vox Custom 25 and a Standard 25 – very nice indeed.

Finally,  I would like to bring episode 1 to a close with a couple of acoustic guitars….a 1979ish Antoria J-200

and my personal favourite, a very, very sweet sounding and looking Gibson B25 plus original case from 1967

Well I think that will do for Episode 1 – that’s “only” 14 out of 70 plus guitars!!!! Believe me there is a lot more to follow in Episodes 2, 3, 4…..

But I would like to close with a big thankyou on your behalf to Ian for letting us have a peep into his world, and an even bigger thanks to his very supportive and totally understanding wife without which none of this would have been possible. So on behalf of Guitar Geeks and Serial Guitar Collectors Worldwide ~ Thankyou Tracy!!!

Watch out for Episode 2 coming soon……..


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