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Product Review : EKO Ranger Vintage Series

by | January 15, 2012 | 1 comment

The first EKO Ranger I saw was the one my Dad bought for me for £35 second hand in 1973 – quite a lot of pocket money then!! Fortunately this wasn’t one of the guitars sold when I was an impoverished student and I still have it. Like me, it’s been around a bit and has a few scars to prove it including a missing machine head which has resulted in being strung as a 6 string for the last 30 years or so!!! Well,  I have just managed to get hold of a new set of 6 + 6 machine heads which will be fitted when I get time to return it to it’s former glory – more later….

In the meantime for those not familiar with the brand have a look at this….

Well if it was good enough for Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven it’ll do for me……..

The Italian brand EKO has been revitalised recently with products (like almost everything) being produced in China. When I was presented with the opportunity of stocking these guitars a few months ago I couldn’t really resist.

Just been checking our latest delivery of a batch of EKO Ranger Vintage series guitars including :

EKO Ranger Vintage Series 6 string in Natural Gloss

EKO Ranger Vintage Series 12 string in Natural Gloss

EKO Ranger Vintage Series 6 string in Black Gloss with Fishman EQ + Tuner

EKO Ranger Vintage Series 12 string in Natural Gloss with Fishman EQ + Tuner

In addition to the top of the range EKO Ranger Custom 12 string received a few weeks ago…

A nice range of guitars which won’t break the bank. Here’s what someone else thinks of them…..

and here…

and here…

All models in stock and available from Sundance Guitars

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