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My Highlights of 2011

by | January 1, 2012 | 0 comments

2011 has been a great year for me and Sundance Guitars in relation to teaching and guitar sales.

Many thanks to my customers from the UK, Europe and around the world for your continued support. We trust your are delighted with the products supplied by us and we hope that we are able to help you again in 2012.

Particular thanks go to all of my students for working so hard and making my “job” such a delight. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with such a wide range of interesting people from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life, but all sharing the same passion for music and the guitar.  Sorry I haven’t been able to mention all of you below (with 50 + current students that would be difficult – but don’t worry, your turn will come soon!!) but here are some of the more memorable highlights of 2011…..follow the links for videos and other stuff…

Ste Shaw attaining a Merit at Grade 8 – his first exam after lessons for a mere two and a half years!!!

Jaya Green achieving Distinction at Grade 2 having just celebrated her 9th birthday!!! Her certificate was presented at a recent Dan Baird gig by his drummer Mauro Magellan – Jaya didn’t know the result until that moment!!!

Ethan Knox achieving a Merit at Grade 3 at 10 years of age!!!

My oldest student Sid Hill achieving a Merit at Grade 4 Acoustic Guitar at 73 years of age!!!

Owen Dixon working hard to get a Distinction on Grade 1 and not being put off by hurting his leg playing football and having to get to his lesson on crutches!!!

Olivia Sugden helping to keep my musical tastes “contemporary” and introducing me to Jessie J…..

Sam Lupton going ahead with his Grade 2 exam and achieving a pass despite his auntie dying tragically on the same day.

Jessica McMillan recording her first video after only 3 lessons and just a few months playing the guitar!!!!

Brian Waddington getting his band “Ragged Glory” on the road and getting more gigs than me!!!!

Ryan Jackson starting his public performance career at the Candlelight Club in Aycliffe at 10 years of age – just watch the expression on his face when he hears the audience response at the end!!!

Harry Downworth discovering Elvis at Age 9….

Patrick Graham achieving a Distinction at Grade 2 and singing like an Angel – and playing the guitar pretty well too!!!

Michael Eastham’s Christmas dream coming true!!!

On the sales front it’s always nice to see the nicer guitars I have for sale coming back for lessons every week with my students here are just a few…..

It was also great to start working with a UK importer / distributor of quality new products in order to offer a wider choice to my customers ~ EKO, Hi Watt Amps, Gator Cases, Rok Sak Gig Bags, Qwiklok stands, plus a range of accessories.
I will be hoping to organise another Awards event / Concert during 2012 which will no doubt produce a range of memorable performances – I look forward to your full participation!!!

Thanks again to you all for your support during 2011 and I really look forward to helping you to achieve your aspirations during 2012.

Finally a big thanks to my wife, Yoga, and family for their ongoing love and support without which none of this would have happened.

Happy New Year!!!!


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