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Customer Review : CA751 TK

by | September 9, 2014 | 0 comments

Review by Josh Westwood…


I first met “Eva” at a guitar show near Sunderland – my first show as a Cassidy “Endorsed Artist” in fact. She was sat on the end of our stand, but I hadn’t noticed her as I was too busy thinking about the beautiful guitar I had recently ordered from Simon –  a CA751TK with custom fitted Fishman Presys+. I didn’t know it at the time, but that guitar was Eva!


Northern Guitar Show 2014 - Houghton le Spring


A short while later, Simon introduced me to her, so we sat on a chair at the end of the Cassidy stand and got acquainted. She was the most beautiful specimen I had ever laid my hands on, with her beautiful abalone inlays, “Tree of Knowledge” fretboard inlay, solid spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides. When she started singing it was as if the Lord himself were sat on her headstock controlling the tone.


Josh Westwood and CA751 TK


Unfortunately, due to other engagements, we had to go our separate ways after that show, and I spent the days and weeks that followed dreaming constantly of Eva. Her touch, tone and beauty had – as all women have the talent to do – taken a firm grasp of my heart and my wallet. I had to make her mine…


Cassidy CA751 TK

CA751TK Body

CA751TK Fretboard Inlay


And so it came to pass that I found myself sat one fine Spring morning in the heart of Cassidy Guitars HQ – mug of tea in hand and beating heart in chest – waiting to meet Eva once again. I was not to be disappointed. The warm, tender yet commanding tone of her voice was still there, but now there was an added surprise – a Fishman Presys+ pickup! The cosmetic surgeons at Cassidy had done their job well, and I could feel the vibrations from her beating heart as we embraced – amplified by the Fishman to create an atmosphere of immense happiness and comfort.


CA751TK Fishman

CA751TK Rear Body


Six months later and me and Eva are still very happy together. We have toured far and wide playing and recording our music for anyone who will listen, and she cannot set foot in a bar, club or studio without someone admiring her solid top or commenting on how well she looks from the back! We are so in love that I even have a tattoo of her on my arm, and I only hope that we can spend many more years together making music and entertaining the masses….. just don’t tell my girlfriend!


Leyburn Tour de Yorkshire 20141


Thanks to everyone involved in Cassidy Guitars. You’re doing a fantastic job and I’m extremely grateful for all your support!


Josh Westwood


Stanley Music Festival 2014

CA751 Acoustic Series


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